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Recent Anomaly Additions
Yucatan Site
  Category ::: Sites
Yucatan Underwater SiteYucatan Underwater Site
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Possible Egyptian Pyramids Found Using Google Earth
  Category ::: News
Official Press Release:
Possible Egyptian Pyramids Found Using Google Earth

**Updated 8-14-2012

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Circular Features: Saudi Arabia, North Carolina, Florida and Belize
  Category ::: Circular Features

 Circular Features Underwater North CarolinaA series of circular features has been documented that range in size from 90-35 feet in diameter.  The sites in Saudi Arabia are ancient stone constructions, but the other circular sites in this article remain a mystery.


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Underwater Circular Features: Greece
  Category ::: Circular Features

Greece: Underwater Circular FeaturesUnderwater Circular Features off the Coast of Greece with similar dimensions and rectilinear features nearby.



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Unexplained Features: Upper Egypt Mounds
  Category ::: Unexplained Features

Unexplained Features: Upper Egypt MoundsAligned mounds have been found just 12 miles West of the city of Abu Sidhum in Upper Egypt along the river Nile.


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Linear Features: United Kingdom
  Category ::: Linear Features

Linear Features: United KingdomA series of linear features have been documented along the shorelines and inlets of the United Kingdom.  Many of the features appear similar to ancient fish traps dated to be 1,000 years old.


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Underwater Linear Features, Bahamas
  Category ::: Linear Features

Underwater Linear Features, BahamasTwo underwater linear features off the coast of the Bahamas.



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Underwater Linear Feature Cornwall, England
  Category ::: Linear Features

Underwater Linear Feature Cornwall, EnglandUnderwater, linear feature found in Cornwall, England.




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More Anomaly Sites
Underwater Topographic Mound Anomalies, California

Topographic Mound Features: CA Area 1Underwater mound features seen off the coast of California.



Topographic Anomalies: Atlantic Ocean Gridded Site

Topographic Anomalies: Atlantic Ocean Gridded SiteA large, gridded topographic anomaly in the Atlantic Ocean seen with Google Earth.



Topographic Anomalies: NC Area

NC Underwater Anomalies 1This rectilinear feature has been spotted off the coast of NC, 22 miles SE of Harkers Island, North Carolina.

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