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Mima Mounds: Africa



Africa Mima Mound site



Mounds are approximately 15-30+ feet wide:

Mima Mounds, Africa Site 2


Large mound site with an average size of 20 feet in diameter.
The site extends for many miles.

Mima Mound Site Africa- Site 3


Enhanced Image with mounds from 20-30 feet wide.

Mima Mounds Site 4, Color Enhanced


Average diameter of this site is 20 feet and the site
extends for miles in every direction:

 Mima Mounds Site 5


Most of this site is eroded with mounds between 20-30 feet:

 Mima Mounds Africa Site 6


Area that seems to be more eroded than the other sites.
More eroded mounds can be seen about 1700 feet to the

Mima Mounds Africa Site 7




posted @ Friday, March 07, 2008
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These pictures show anomalies which look similar to some of the North Carolina Bay photographs, only more 'compact' and intense. The oval/circular shapes and the fact that most seem to be in the same general direction is what makes them so similar. Very interesting stuff. Thank you for sharing these on your website!

posted @ Tuesday, August 14, 2012 8:51 AM by Emily

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